framebuffer or pci devices

Christoph Rissner c.r at
Wed Nov 10 09:45:40 PST 2010


I'm really not sure if this list is the right place for this, if not 
please give me some hints where to go to.

This is another attempt to overcome my framebuffer issues :-), see
I try to combine an nvidia device with a framebuffer (displaylink) 
device in one Xinerama screen.

Up to xorg 1.8.1 the displaylink driver 
( worked 
perfectly, it uses xf86ClaimFbSlot() and then clears the global 
fbSlotClaimed flag.
This way it fully worked together with nvidia drivers, at least if 
loaded before any pci device due to constraints in xf86ClaimFbSlot().

Unfortunately, in xorg 1.9.2, X crashes with the displaylink/nvidia 
driver combination, as well as fbdev+nvidia if I disable this check in 
xf86PostProbe(). So I guess there is a point in not allowing devices of 
both types, but what is it?

Will it ever be possible to combine pci with framebuffer devices? Is 
there _some_ way to come around this limitation? Maybe some ugly hack I 
can use?


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