How complex would be to recode Xorg so it allow Me to use Unix sockets instead of TCP/IP sockets

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at
Wed Apr 29 19:05:02 UTC 2020

I Am using Dummi video driver because graphical output is useless for Me I
do not see at all. I want to save some RAM and CPU cycles. When I have used
XVFB it has caused many error messages related to graphical output when I
have run Firefox or Seamonkey.
My goal is to run Mate desktop environment with Orca, Seamonkey and Libre
office apps.
Unfortunately, there is no standalone solution for Android. So this is The
reason, why I must combine many pieces of software products together.
I have tried XserverXsdl, but it do not supported all keys on my keyboard
connected to Android. Its integrated Pulseaudio sound server have been too
slow much more slower than when I have compared it with build in Pulseaudio
for Termux.

Rooting devices is not my preferred way how to run Linux OS. When I run
Termux and Proot I do not have to root my device. Many of us will
understand, that making standalone Linux which would be directly loaded and
executed from build in phone flash chips is really work for team of
engineers and I do not know about this project.

Ubuntu touch is available for Nexus devices, but it is not Ubuntu Mate with
Orca and accessibility support.
Sure. Somebody of us would tell Me, why I do not simply buy ARM64 board or
Rassbery device?
Android phone has perfect power management and its board do not produce much
heat even when I have compiled complex apps by using Proot and Linux app.

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