ANN: xterm-343

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon Jan 14 02:23:42 UTC 2019


                            Patch #343 - 2019/01/13

     * modify to prefer ncurses6 over ncurses5, when available.
     * add  COPYING file, and dummy "check" makefile rule for testing Arch
     * add/update package scripts for FreeBSD and NetBSD, for testing.
     * update  tables  of  combining  and  ambiguous-width  characters  in
       wcwidth.c based on Unicode 11.0.0.
     * modify  xterm-new  sample  terminfo  entry to correspond to ncurses
       6.1, using the SGR 1006 mouse protocol.
     * improve  manual  page  discussion  of  selection  ownership  versus
       highlighting (prompted by discussion with Martin Hostettler).
     * restore/repair keepClipboard feature which was broken by changes in
       patch #338 (report by Martin Hostettler).
     * improve documentation for deleteIsDEL resource.
     * modify  DECRQM  response for private mode 1037 to account for cases
       where the resource deleteIsDEL is initially neither true nor false,
       but  dependent  upon  the  keyboard type (report/analysis by Martin
     * clear pointers for pattern/fontset after destroying their data when
       switching facename with an escape sequence (report by Robert Ross).
     * modify  logic  for  TrueType fallback fonts to match the sort-order
       used by fc-match (report by Robert Ross).
     * add  resource  setting  limitFontsets which can be used to limit or
       disable the new TrueType fontset feature (request by Robert Ross).

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