fbdev and vesa for hyper-v

IL Ka kazakevichilya at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 15:33:06 UTC 2019


I run Linux as Hyper-V guest.

It seems that there is no DRI/DRM driver for Hyper-V videocard, but there
is Framebuffer driver for it.

So, I enabled framebuffer driver and my idea was to run XOrg using fbdev
driver on top of it.
But there is no such driver in modern Linux distros.

Question #1) Is it true that fbdev is deprecated and removed in favour of
Can I still compile it by my self? Is it worth doing in my case?

My second idea was to run plain old VESA driver.
But vesa driver found that my kernel has driver for videocard and refused
to work:
" Ignoring device with a bound kernel "

Question #2)  Can I "force" vesa to run with hyperv_fb enabled?
If no, why?
Is it becase vesa does not know "state" of video card when it is under
control of hyperv_fb?

I think I can have 2 records in my loader: one for "command line mode"
(that runs kernel with video=hyperv_fb) and another for "video mode" that
runs kernel without of it, and starts xdm.
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