Problems using an X-Window application on Cygwin

akshay chavan akshay_chavan2003 at
Mon Feb 11 18:14:27 UTC 2019


I have installed a X-Window text editor called NEdit 5.6 on Windows 10 using Cygwin. I have installed all the required X packages such as xorg-server, xinit, etc required to run X-Window applications

I have noticed that whenever I open ANY dialog, such as "Goto line number", "save as" or "open", the keyboard input does NOT show in the dialog's textbox.

For instance, if I open the "goto line number" dialog, and type something, the entered number does not show up in the dialog's textbox . Similarly, when I open the "save as" dialog, I CANNOT type in the "Directory" field.

These problems are NOT observed when I press and hold the middle mouse click on the textbox. As long as I hold the middle mouse click, the textbox shows the characters typed in. When I release the mouse click, I can no longer enter anything in the textbox.

Is this issue related to xinit? I tried searching online for a solution but didn't find anything.


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