compile simple code on ubuntu linux , error

walter harms wharms at
Mon Aug 26 07:11:44 UTC 2019

Am 26.08.2019 00:30, schrieb Turtle Rock:
> unablw to initialize font: -5Adobe-courier-r-normal***120*****
> on ubuntu 19.04
> window pc wireless modem
> this is from compile/run simple c++ graphic program from book example, (big
> c++ 2nd ed, page 77)
>   looking to see any experience's help
> Eric Lin

the  -5Adobe-courier-r-normal***120***** looks strange.

you can change that to any other font, the correct name
can be found by using xfontsel or xlsfonts.

To make your programm happy you can try the
default shortcut "fixed". To check that your font description
is used try something exotic like "tekfont3"
(eg.: xfontsel -fn tekfont3)

happy hacking,

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