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Alan Corey alan01346 at
Sat Nov 11 23:14:15 UTC 2017

Well, OK I can change that.  I mostly meant the free Motif site vs the
paid version if there still is one.  The mainstay of my reference
material is Oreily's vol6a.pdf and vol6b.pdf.  Motif version 1.2 and
X11R5.  My vol6b is dated 2001.  In an age where it's impossible to
have an up to date enough Firefox I'd consider 16 years old to be

Nothing against newer versions, only spending money on them.  My
Raspbian has Motif 2.3.4-6.  I do Google things and use up to date
stuff when I find it.  There was also a lesstif and open motif, I
don't claim to know the full history.  Interest in it seems to be
dwindling, I'm not sure how serious I am about it.  I want a fast
drawing surface for doing SDR plus some widgets for buttons and
frequency readout.  I want to add a configuration panel with maybe a
dozen items, some edit/combo boxes for setting paths.  Otherwise I'd
do strictly framebuffer graphics.  I don't want a graphics library.  I
don't care much about fonts, icons, color schemes.

Yes, in a production environment I used Borland Delphi 3 up until I
retired in 2008.  It didn't matter that it was old, it was familiar.
We had 1 educational copy that somebody bought when it was $99 and we
used it for years in a university environment for in house stuff.

So the "unofficial not quite up to date Motif page"?  Cumbersome name.
So far I've banged out a quick 50 lines of HTML as a placeholder and
set up a free account on 1apps.  I still haven't submitted a support
ticket on how to enable phpBB.  Everything's up in the air.

On 11/11/17, Marc Balmer <marc at> wrote:
> As you call the site the „retro Motif site“ I will not join it.
> We use Motif in up-to-date production code.  For us, Motif is a thing of the
> present, not of the past.
>> Am 11.11.2017 um 18:05 schrieb Alan Corey <alan01346 at>:
>> OK, I created about an hour ago.  I
>> need to contact 1apps support to find out how to enable phpBB.  It
>> doesn't work (anymore) the way they describe in their FAQ at
>> Old story, the documentation didn't get updated, or at least I hope
>> that's all it is.
>> On 11/11/17, Alan Corey <alan01346 at> wrote:
>>> I have to admit I'd favor a modern forum to a mailing list.  A couple
>>> months ago somebody on another list told me I wasn't quoting properly,
>>> well, I'm using Gmail through the web interface.  It apparently
>>> doesn't know how to do that.  And since Motif is GUI it would be handy
>>> to be able to upload pictures like screenshots.
>>> Of the forum software I see online regularly I think I like phpBB
>>> about the best. It's GPL 2 and it's what
>>> uses.  There's also a
>>> SimpleMachines one that isn't bad. like at
>>> Or, uses a MySQL database.
>>> I'm retired, living the boonies connecting through a cell phone so no
>>> static IP address.  I can't really host but I could be a moderator.  I
>>> have free accounts at (OpenBSD based) and (Windows
>>> based, apparently). 1apps gives an account 1 gig of free web space
>>> without ads.  I've been on there about 5 years, and they were down for
>>> most of a year at least a couple years ago.  They claim at
>>> to have both SimpleMachines
>>> and phpBB.  I think Motif could be set up with its own account so it
>>> doesn't come out of my 1 gig.  I'm at BTW.
>>> Back to my original problem, I found that with an xmDrawingArea you
>>> don't set height, you set XmMarginHeight.  I'd consider that
>>> non-obvious, which is why I was looking for a forum or list where such
>>> things were discussed.  Then I played a little with Glade and Cairo,
>>> got it drawing a live spectrum captured from a dongle, but I'm not
>>> sure how to redraw with the next set of data.  Cairo is more of a
>>> swiss army knife than I need and I'm not sure it's going to be fast
>>> enough.  I'd settle for a frame buffer in a widget, so I was looking
>>> at QT.
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