forum for Motif, XLib, etc. programming enthusiasts?

Marc Balmer marc at
Sat Nov 11 20:51:54 UTC 2017

As you call the site the „retro Motif site“ I will not join it.

We use Motif in up-to-date production code.  For us, Motif is a thing of the present, not of the past.

> Am 11.11.2017 um 18:05 schrieb Alan Corey <alan01346 at>:
> OK, I created about an hour ago.  I
> need to contact 1apps support to find out how to enable phpBB.  It
> doesn't work (anymore) the way they describe in their FAQ at
> Old story, the documentation didn't get updated, or at least I hope
> that's all it is.
> On 11/11/17, Alan Corey <alan01346 at> wrote:
>> I have to admit I'd favor a modern forum to a mailing list.  A couple
>> months ago somebody on another list told me I wasn't quoting properly,
>> well, I'm using Gmail through the web interface.  It apparently
>> doesn't know how to do that.  And since Motif is GUI it would be handy
>> to be able to upload pictures like screenshots.
>> Of the forum software I see online regularly I think I like phpBB
>> about the best. It's GPL 2 and it's what
>> uses.  There's also a
>> SimpleMachines one that isn't bad. like at
>> Or, uses a MySQL database.
>> I'm retired, living the boonies connecting through a cell phone so no
>> static IP address.  I can't really host but I could be a moderator.  I
>> have free accounts at (OpenBSD based) and (Windows
>> based, apparently). 1apps gives an account 1 gig of free web space
>> without ads.  I've been on there about 5 years, and they were down for
>> most of a year at least a couple years ago.  They claim at
>> to have both SimpleMachines
>> and phpBB.  I think Motif could be set up with its own account so it
>> doesn't come out of my 1 gig.  I'm at BTW.
>> Back to my original problem, I found that with an xmDrawingArea you
>> don't set height, you set XmMarginHeight.  I'd consider that
>> non-obvious, which is why I was looking for a forum or list where such
>> things were discussed.  Then I played a little with Glade and Cairo,
>> got it drawing a live spectrum captured from a dongle, but I'm not
>> sure how to redraw with the next set of data.  Cairo is more of a
>> swiss army knife than I need and I'm not sure it's going to be fast
>> enough.  I'd settle for a frame buffer in a widget, so I was looking
>> at QT.
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