ZaphodHeads and Java font problem

Fabian Keller mail at
Thu Apr 20 14:55:57 UTC 2017

at my company we have a Java UI with two separate windows. From the main
window a second one is opened on a different monitor. X is configured to
have a separate display id for each monitor (zaphodhead). This
configuration worked quiet well for a couple of years on SLES11 machines
with different NVidia cards and Java versions. With the same NVidia cards
and the same Java version (but a newer X server version) it doesn't work on
a CentOS or Fedora linux. The fonts on the second window seem to be

We tested different Java versions, Intel and NVidia drivers and Window

I have written a little Java demo UI which reproduces the problem.
Please take a look at the following repository where i placed the code,
some screenshots and the configurations we tested.

Do you have any ideas what we are missing in our xorg.conf? Or is the
mode discontinued? Do you think it's a Java problem even if the same Java
version is working on an older X?

With xrandr/xinerama the UI works fine but we have the problem to place
different applications on the correct monitor. I know about the -geometry
option but not all applications support this (like firefox), wmctrl works
for firefox but not with xeyes (for example). Is there a common or better

Kind regards,
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