X Render Extension w/o Cairo or DRM

Michael Titke michael.tiedtke at o2online.de
Tue Aug 9 18:17:19 UTC 2016

Is the X render extension still available as such without using Cairo 
and the (elsewhere internet enabled) drm?

Konsole output
((sys-display xext-render) major-version)=> 0
((sys-display xext-render) minor-version)=> 0

When I try to render a triangle I see a BadPicture error from the server 
even though all prerequisites should have been met.

I'll try to initialize a bit more and start with a composite from source 
to destination or with a fill rectangle but a*BadPicture is**
**defined in the standards* where in the actual server sources there's 
*some additional "magic"* DixWriteAccess needed. Depending on
the structure (hierarchy) of the windows and pixmaps one might not even 
be able to create a picsmap aka X render picture.

Maybe it's the alpha component default mismatch with ... but missing 
DixWriteAccess and nothing else seems to be able
make VERIFY_PICTURE fail in the current setup.

Is the reported version 0.0 somehow ... a lot of maybes?
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