Samsung s19d300 problem with

ivanx507 at ivanx507 at
Thu Jun 25 21:05:43 PDT 2015

I want to show us a bug that are happening in
This year i buyed a samsung s19d300 and went i start xubuntu(the distro 
that i have in this time) i noticed that in less than a hour i had a 
terrible visual fatigue, i thinked that was the distro, i tested 10 
different distros and nothing, i think that was the refresh rate, i 
tried to modify with xrand but nothing works.I suppose that is because 
some incompatibility with, samsung not takes cares a lot for linux 
:P, this is.Sorry about to send a message and not to use bugzilla i dont 
now how to use it correctly.
Sorry by my english errors, i'm speak spanish.
Thanks a lot for you attention.

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