Manual and options for the "modesetting" driver

Sérgio Basto sergio at
Mon Jun 22 19:58:57 PDT 2015

On Seg, 2015-06-22 at 20:25 -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > Which means that :
> > man modesetting 
> >
> > should work on most distributions .
> >
> > rpm -qf /usr/share/man/man4/modesetting.4.gz 
> > xorg-x11-drv-modesetting-0.9.0-2.fc21.x86_64
> Yup, looks like it's a bug in Debian's packaging (which I just reported).
> Of course, this manpage doesn't mention very many options, so it doesn't
> help me solve my problem, in the end.  Still, I'm glad I found it, thank you.

Almost all documents are update, man page says: Please refer to
xorg.conf(5) for general configuration details.  This section only
covers configuration details specific to this driver.

The following driver Options are supported:
 Option "kmsdev" "string"
              The framebuffer device to use. Default: /dev/dri/card0.

 Option "ShadowFB" "boolean"
              Enable or disable use of the shadow framebuffer layer.
Default: on.

Manual page of xorg.conf(5) you got more help included : 
Option "ModeDebug" "boolean"
              Enable printing of additional debugging information about
modesetting to the server log.

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Sérgio M. B.

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