Fontconfig and Xft - issue with opening fonts

Richard Billington billingt at AI.SRI.COM
Thu Jun 18 20:27:54 PDT 2015

I'm now running Ubuntu 14.04, which has the version of 
the library.

Previously I was running Ubuntu 12.04, which has the 
version of the library.

Ultimately, my call to XftFontOpenName now fails on Ubuntu 14.04.

  ... Some details I've noticed ...

The issue seems to be that that FCNameUnparse and FCNameParse are no 
longer reciprocal.

Further, I note that the "Style" component of the pattern returned by 
FcFontMatch is a simple, single value in the earlier version and in the 
later version is multi-valued with many extended characters (partial 
output from FcPatternPrint included here), as well as having multiple 
values for stylelang in the new version, and a single value previously:

    12.04: Pattern has 26 elts (size 32)
         family: "Courier New"(s)
         familylang: "en"(s)
         style: "Regular"(s)
         stylelang: "ca"(s)
         fullname: "Courier New"(s)

    14.04: Pattern has 27 elts (size 32)
         family: "Courier New"(w)
         familylang: "en"(w)
         style: "Normal"(w) "obyčejné"(w) "Standard"(w) "Κανονικά"(w)
    "Regular"(w) "Normaali"(w) "Normál"(w) "Normale"(w) "Standaard"(w)
    "Normalny"(w) "Обыذ"(w) "Normálne"(w) "Navadno"(w) "thường"(w)
         stylelang: "ca"(w) "cs"(w) "de"(w) "el"(w) "en"(w) "fi"(w)
    "hu"(w) "it"(w) "nl"(w) "pl"(w) "ru"(w) "sk"(w) "sl"(w) "vi"(w) "eu"(w)
         fullname: "Courier New"(w)

FInally, the font files both of these versions are refering to 
(/usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/Courier_New.ttf) cksum to be 
identical on 12.04 and 14.04.

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