Fwd: ctrl-alt-2 as at (@)

wettstae at gmail.com wettstae at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 10:48:38 PDT 2015

Hello Knut,

> The warnings was:
> Warning:          No symbols defined for <AB11> (keycode 97)

These are harmless.

Try changing the definition of the key <AE02> to:

    key <AE02> {
        type= "CTRL+ALT",
        symbols[Group1]= [               2,        quotedbl,              at,     twosuperior, at ],
	actions[Group1]= [ NoAction(), NoAction(), NoAction(), NoAction(), RedirectKey(key= <AE02>, clearMods= Control+Mod1, mods= Mod5) ]

This should work even with sloppily implemented applications.  To make
Control and Alt work reliably with the 2 key when they are not pressed
together, type CTRL+ALT would have to be modified.


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