Multiseat and AutoAddDevices/AutoEnableDevices

Floris jkfloris at
Mon Feb 2 06:46:18 PST 2015

Op Sun, 01 Feb 2015 22:47:27 +0100 schreef Ian Hands <iphands at>:

> On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 4:42 PM, Ian Hands <iphands at> wrote:
>> Built a box to do multiseat for the most part everything works great.
>> When Seat1's USB hub disconnects and later reconnects I have issues
>> though.  This is because I use:
>> Section "ServerFlags"
>> Option "AutoAddDevices"     "false"
>> Option "AutoEnableDevices"  "false"
>> And then specify a Mouse0 and Mouse1 for Seat0 and Seat1 respectively.
>> Again this setup works for a while, but sometimes Mouse1
>> disconnects/reconnects and then is never again picked up by:
> DAMN! Must have hit ctrl+enter by accident!
>> Section "ServerLayout"
>      Identifier     "Seat1"
> I would really like to enable AutoAddDevices/AutoEnableDevices. This
> would let me connect/disconnect the USB devices all I want, and work
> with other devices I plug in to the system.
> The issue I face is when I enable AutoAddDevices/AutoEnableDevices
> everything works great when the seats come up, but when disconnecting
> Mouse1's usb and reconnecting it Seat0 ends up auto adding the Mouse1
> input device.
> Is there a way to to enable AutoAddDevices/AutoEnableDevices but limit
> an InputDevice to a single ServerLayout?
> -or-
> Is there a way to to enable AutoAddDevices/AutoEnableDevices but
> blacklist an InputDevice from a single ServerLayout?
> Thanks.

systemd can do all the magic for you:



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