xserver-xorg.synaptics question

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Tue Apr 28 04:19:25 PDT 2015

On Tuesday 28 April 2015 06:38:53 Eric Gunther wrote:
> > Mint 17.1 Xfce.  I had to make that directory, and moved it to
> > 50-synaptics.conf in that otherwise empty, newly created dir. 
> > Rebooted now, I'll check.  Nope, not a noticeable difference.  Copy
> > of Xorg.0.log attached.
> Hi Gene,
> Shouldn't you just decrease the sensitivity in xfce settings:
> http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-settings/mouse

My control panel>mouse>touchpad_tab config has only a disable tp when 
typing, and scrolling choices none, both of which are checked.
It doesn't resemble that one above other than its a popup too.

Having wasted about 3 weeks trying to get this as usable as a 12 yo 
Mandrake install was OOTB, I am ready to move on.  The only thing I have 
managed to make work that did not after the install reboot networking 
and NFS4.

I set t-bird up to one on my accounts and exersized it to prove it works 
and shut off the periodical mail fetch since this machine does it if its 
up.  An hour later, I come back to the machine and find its scarfed up 
300+ messages that should have come to this machine, and it did it 
despite being told to stop.

The synaptic package manager has been castrated by the removal of 
the "mark all upgrades" button.  I mean whoinhell is gonna scan thru the 
listing of 46 thousand packages, finding the ones that are upgradeable 
according the the green installed icon having a faint up arrow in it, 
and enable THAT individual package to be upgraded by dbl clicking, not 
on the icon mind you, but someplace in the descriptive text.  Get real 
folks, you cannot be expected to do that to all 1700 some packages 
needing updated after the install.  But I did just that anyway.

So many of what some people might call little things are broken in this 
mint 17.1 xfce install that I am going out to see if I can find a distro 
that Just Works.  Something that is lightweight enough to work on an 
elderly laptop.  I do not consider that 15 to 30 seconds to open an app 
after its clicked on, running.  The drive led is on for 90% of this lag 
period.  Its 100Gb drive tests perfectly.  It only has a gig of memory, 
but hasn't touched swap yet.

This one, Mint-17.1 xfce ain't it.

> -eg
Thanks Eric.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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