xmodmap 1.0.7: "left shift" + "right shift" + "comma" keys

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Wed Mar 12 12:15:51 PDT 2014

On Wed, 12 Mar 2014 19:59:08 +0100
wettstein509 at solnet.ch wrote:

> > I have a problem with xmodmap 1.0.7 because it should write a
> > "question down" character when I push the "left shift" + "right shift"
> > + "comma" keys but nothing is written.
> This might be a hardware problem.  Most keyboards cannot handle
> arbitrary combination of more than two keys.  To check, you could use
> xev to see whether an event is generated.  If not, it is hardware.
> Andreas

Indeed, with xev, there are no event when I press the third key of this combination.
What is a bit strange is that my keyboard can handle the "left shift" + "right shift" + "exclam" but is not able to handle the "left shift" + "right shift" + "comma" that seems to be similar (same number of keys pushed at the same time).

So, I don't like this combination, but I have no choice:
keycode 61 = exclam section exclamdown questiondown dead_belowdot dead_abovedot dead_belowdot

Instead of typing "left shift" + "right shift" + "comma" for my "question down" character it will be "left shift" + "right shift" + "exclam".

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