Interested in contributing to WGL support in Waffle Project, for GSoC 2014

Vidudaya Bandara vnbandara at
Mon Mar 10 04:19:29 PDT 2014

Hi all,
I'm Vidudaya Neranjan Bandara , Currently I'm an undergraduate from
University of Moratuwa , Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Sri Lanka. I'm very much interested in open source software development and
thought to contribute to the society because I know the value of it.
I would really like to contribute to the project of * WGL support in Waffle

Since there is less information in the GSoC 2014 Idea page, can anyone give
me some introduction/description to begin.
It will really help me to get some idea about the environment and this
project. And It will help me to create an effective project proposal as

thanks and regards,
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