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lazaro E Lespes lazaro.lesmes at
Mon Mar 3 22:58:18 PST 2014

Hello All,
The last February 26, I sent and introduction mail to mesa-dev@  because I'm interested in participate in gsoc at
xorg. I did not get any feedback so I don't know if my mail arrived to the
list. Below, I send the mail again. Thanks and regards.

Hello All,
I'm a PhD candidate at CIMAT( . I'm interested in participate
as a student in the gsoc in some of your project. In special, I'd like to
develop for the project "GL/GLSL test for GL 4.0 and newer". That's way I
worked with OpenGL 4.2/GLSL for my master thesis degree finished on
September, 2013. I implemented a Real-time Physically-based Deformable
Objects Simulation Framework using GLSL 4.2 shader programming, some
results in videos <>.
I submitted my work to GTC 2014 and it was accepted. I have skills in C/C++
programming on intermediate to expert level.
I'd like to get more information about the above project: Do you provide a
predefined test suit?  What environment do you consider for testing? Others
hint about what you expect....
I also like the project "WGL support in Waffle"
 Hardware I have today: Dell PC, intel core-i7, 8GB ram, nvidia geforce gt
Lazaro Lesmes.

pd: I wold like to request to mail list administrators to change my
configuration to daily receive mail summary.
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