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Sun Mar 2 18:04:55 PST 2014


                            Patch #302 - 2014/03/02

     * amend  approximation for color map introduced in patch #277 to make
       that apply only to TrueColor (adapted from patch by Joe Peterson).
     * add -report-colors option, to show colors as they are allocated.
     * fix some gcc -Wcast-qual warnings.
     * correct app-defaults location for CentOS-4 in xterm.spec
     * improve  check  in for X manpage's section number; add
       sample  dependencies  for  the  relevant  documentation  package to
       packaging test-scripts (prompted by Novell #779474).
     * modify sample build-scripts for dpkg and rpm to ensure that vttests
       scripts are uncompressed and executable.
     * modify  Perl scripts in vttests to use env to find Perl rather than
       relying  on /usr/bin/perl This makes the sample scripts usable with
       NetBSD and other systems using pkgsrc.
     * amend  check  from  patch  #301  for valid shell to permit existing
       SHELL  value  to  specify  the  shell;  clarify the behavior in the
       manpage (report by Emmanuel Thome).
     * amend  change to wide-character processing from patch #257 to allow
       switching  to/from  UTF-8 encoding if the utf8 resource was not set
       to "always" (report by Honza Maly).
     * fix  incorrect  free  from  patch #301 changes, if explicit program
       without -e option is a valid shell (patch by Romain Francois).

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