Multitouch in X - Pointer emulation question ?

Patrice B pbfwdlist at
Thu Oct 17 02:55:24 PDT 2013


  I'm working on a kernel evdev driver that provides MT events. This device
is correctly detected by  evdev Xorg driver and I'm able to see MT events
using "xinput text-xi2". I wrote also a small program based on xi2 which
makes two rectangles follow my fingers on the screen and it works.

  What is a bit "fuzzy" for me is how programs that don't handle XI2 should
behave with MT driver. I read,
and I thought common application such as xev should received emulated
classic X events. They don't receive anything in my case. Should they ?
Does something about this emulation needs to be done in kernel driver ?

  I'm using xorg server 1.14.3.


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