Resolution problem with AMD Radeon 5450/6350 and Dell U3011

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at
Wed Oct 31 08:35:22 PDT 2012

Ahh that sounds like you got a DMS-59 connector (not exactly custom).
These provide two single-link dvi signals only, they aren't dual-link
capable (though they are capable of carrying vga too, if it's wired up).
(Theoretically you could drive higher resolutions by using much lower
refresh rates over single link but I'm not too sure monitors exist which
would accept them...)


Am 31.10.2012 02:49, schrieb Johan Mazel:
> There is no VGA output on the HD5450/6350.
> There is only a single custom output that is split into two DVI
> through a special cable.
> Thanks for all your help guys, but I'm stuck at 1920x1200 until I
> upgrade to a bigger card. :/
> Johan
> 2012/10/31 Felix Miata <mrmazda at>:
>> Does the HD 5450 have a VGA output? Does the U3011 have VGA input? If yes to
>> both, can you try that way and get 2560x1600?
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