Awfull rendering of fonts in KDE terminal with nouveau 1.0.3 drivers

Łukasz Maśko ed at
Wed Oct 31 00:25:12 PDT 2012

Dnia wtorek, 30 października 2012, Mark Wagner napisał:
> The driver probably thinks you're running an LCD, and is scaling the
> image to what it assumes is the native resolution.  Try setting the
> driver to let the monitor perform scaling, or try changing your
> display resolution slightly to try to find what the driver thinks is
> the "native" resolution of the monitor.

It may be possible. How do you do that? I mean, "setting the driver to let 
the monitor perform scaling". I think that the driver sets the resolution to 
1280x1024 (I wish I could change it to 1600x1200, which is the desired 
resolution). How do you change this?
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