Awfull rendering of fonts in KDE terminal with nouveau 1.0.3 drivers

Łukasz Maśko ed at
Mon Oct 29 04:57:37 PDT 2012

I've given a try to latest nouveau driver on my Dell T5400 workstation with 
NVidia G86 (Quadro NVS 290). I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster 959NF CRT 

Almost everything works well. Almost, becouse fonts in terminal are rendered 
in unacceptable way. But... it is kind of strange.

To show you the difference I've made screenshots with my mobile phone camera 
for both NVidia and Nouveau drivers. Picture for nouveau can be downloaded 
from here:

Picture of the same terminal byt for NVidia can be downloaded from here:

At the first glance, one may say, that the first one is blurry becouse of 
hands shaking. But no, it is not. I've taken several pictures and chosen the 
best one. The fonts are REALLY blurry. If you have a closer look, you will 
see the difference on particular letters. So drawn text is very hard to 
read. Changing font size makes no difference, bigger letters are still 
blurried. Fonts under other applications like konqueror seem to look OK, at 
least everything is readable.

Now, what is the most strange for me - the fonts are rendered in a wrong way 
when they are sent to the monitor! If I make a "software" screenshot with a 
KDE tool for making screenshots, both pictures look _exactly_ the same. You 
can tell no difference between them. Also kmag o xmag tools show perfectly 
rendered fonts.

I don't understand it. Can it be fixed somehow? Right now I'm switching back 
to NVidia to save my eyes, though I'd prefer open drivers.
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