Re: black screen after the Ubuntu logo

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Sun Oct 14 05:41:04 PDT 2012

So you just got a rant draft (and i figured a bug in trojitá =)

Anyway, the problem holds, the module is not present or the binary broken.

Check the files in
/usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/* - maybe the "intel" one is in the way.

And it /is/ a shame that ppl. who want to be paid for making the desktop more amazing and improve hardware support cannot even read an Xorg log file, sorry.


On Montag, 8. Oktober 2012 02:10:13 CEST, Dref Hill wrote:
> Hello
> I wanted to install the new Ubuntu 12.10 version from the 12.04LTS.
> But the computer went to sleep during the installation and with linux the
> sleeping mode never work so it froze everything and the upgrade couldn't
> finish correctly.
> When i restarted the computer i got a black screen after the Ubuntu loading
> screen.
> I did a couple of command but nothing had fixed the problem i still with
> the black screen.
> And if i do "startx" in the terminal i get a fatal error that says that the
> problem is from x-org, see the .log file attached.
> I opened a topic on the english an french Ubuntu forums but it seems that
> no one have the solution to help me.
> any idea about how to fix this problem ?
> The netbook is a HP mini 2140
> CPU intel Atom N270 32bits
> Graphic card Mobile Intel GMA 950
> Chipset Mobile Intel 945GSE Express
> HDD SEAGATE 2,5'' 250 go + 4 go ssd 32 mo 7200 tr/min - hybride/sata ii -
> momentus xt
> 2Go of ram
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