XInput: Atmel maXTouch Digitizer touch screen

Nick Dyer nick.dyer at
Mon Jan 9 02:55:44 PST 2012

Ben Bucksch wrote:
> On 07.01.2012 17:40, Chase Douglas wrote:
>> Are you sure you are running that version of the driver? Did you change
>> drivers since you posted your evtest log? The evtest log shows
>> BTN_TOOL_FINGER being registered, but the upstream driver does not
>> register it.
> The log I posted was from an older Linux kernel. As I wrote back then,
> it was a Ubuntu 11.10 kernel 3.0.0-14-generic. I then got linux 3.1.5
> and modified the driver there, that's the patch I sent. IIRC (!) I also
> tried unchanged linux 3.1.5 and that showed the same problem as the
> Ubuntu kernel. So, if I'm not mistaken (see IIRC), my patch did cause a
> positive change, but also a negative one.
> I am now using linux 3.2 and the touchscreen doesn't work *at all*, but
> I use a different .config, so that could be messup here, I'll have to
> check.

There is a fair amount of confusion in this thread! The maXTouch chips 
can work in i2c or USB HID mode. The evtest log was from the USB HID 
mode. The atmel_mxt_ts.c driver is only for i2c. So it's impossible that 
the changes that Chase is suggesting would have any effect.

Some more dmesg output would be useful, but it sounds like it's using 
the generic HID driver.

Hardcoding relative/absolute in the driver is a bit of a red herring 
since it depends on the particular hardware device as to what it's being 
used for.

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