Status of Multiseat and choosing a methodology

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Sun Feb 26 13:41:13 PST 2012

>>>>> "ZS" == Zoltan Szecsei <zoltans at> writes:

ZS> I have not used RedHat since before Fedora, and I see that the
ZS> Fedora release cycle is 6 months, basing off May. This means that
ZS> the upcoming 17 (needed for "generic" multiseat) is still 3 months
ZS> away.

That's about right.  The schedule is at but if course it can always

ZS> Would anyone care to comment on the stability of using 17 this
ZS> far in advance?

Well, an alpha is due on Monday.  This is intended to give a reasonable
platform for testing the various features.  In general things are pretty
stable but as always with test releases you may run into problems.
Generally if you keep to non-esoteric hardware configurations and are
prepared to do a little digging if you run into a problem you can get
things going.

 - J<

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