Status of Multiseat and choosing a methodology

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Sun Feb 26 00:06:59 PST 2012

On 2012/02/25 21:39, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
>>>>>> "ZS" == Zoltan Szecsei<zoltans at>  writes:
> ZS>  I am looking for a simple way to (re)implement multiseat, preferably
> ZS>  on ubuntu with GDM and not KDM, but might consider any nice light
> ZS>  window manager gifted with simplicity and speed.
> I know nothing at all of ubuntu, but I did want to point out that
> automatic multiseat support is a feature of Fedora 17.  See the feature
> page at for details.
> You can see all of the matches to various systems which were required;
> in most cases they're all upstream now, but some of the functionality is
> in systemd so it may have no applicability to ubuntu.
>   - J<
I like the idea that at least someone is moving towards generic support 
for multiseat.

I have not used RedHat since before Fedora, and I see that the Fedora 
release cycle is 6 months, basing off May.
This means that the upcoming 17 (needed for "generic" multiseat) is 
still 3 months away.
Would anyone care to comment on the stability of using 17 this far in 
I'm hoping for experiences in the past, rather than the usual: "well, 
you know that there is always a danger of wadda wadda"

Thanks for the heads-up, J.

Kind regards,


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