Xft - problem with XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions.

John Found johnfound at evrocom.net
Sun Feb 19 00:13:08 PST 2012

Hm, nobody knows or nobody cares? 
Or it is a great secret, for the internal circle only? :D

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Subject: Xft - problem with XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions.
Date: 13.02.2012 21:14:44

>I am trying to use Xft but stuck with following problem - when I open font 
>with  XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions, I can't switch antialias and 
>hinting properties.
>For example, opening font with name: 
>creates a font with
>proper typeface, size, weight and slant, but antialiased.
>The other group of properties that are not settable are the hinting 
>The same result was reached with XftFontOpen function.
>I am importing the functions from the library "libXft.so.2.1.13" 
>Can someone help me on this problem? Any suggestions are welcome.
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Assembly language visual programming.

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