Xft - problem with XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions.

John Found johnfound at evrocom.net
Mon Feb 13 11:14:44 PST 2012

I am trying to use Xft but stuck with following problem - when I open font with 
XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions, I can't switch antialias and hinting properties.
For example, opening font with name: 
"FreeMono:pixelsize=16:weight=bold:antialias=false:rgba=0:slant=italic", creates a font with
proper typeface, size, weight and slant, but antialiased.
The other group of properties that are not settable are the hinting properties.

The same result was reached with XftFontOpen function.
I am importing the functions from the library "libXft.so.2.1.13" 

Can someone help me on this problem? Any suggestions are welcome.


Assembly language visual programming.

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