xorg-server 1.13.1, - checksum post-mortem

Matt Dew marcoz at osource.org
Fri Dec 14 14:04:30 PST 2012


   I did a post-mortem to find out what happened.  Here's what I believe
to be the case.

I had trouble with the release script last night. I ended up having to
run it twice as I had a timeout problem during uploading to the server
the first time.

When I ran it the second time I had to manually generate the
announcement message.  To do so I used the tarballs that were on my
local computer.

What I didn't realize is that the new tarballs hadn't been uploaded to
the server, rather the old ones were there.  So the checksums didn't match.

I untarred both the tarballs on my local machine and the ones on the fdo
server.   The ones on my local machine matched the checksums in the
announcement I sent out, but the checksums on the fdo server were
different, but did infact match the ones a couple of you reported.

I diffed the contents of those tarballs. No content differences.

I have uploaded the ones on my local machine to the fdo server and
renamed the ones there .old so that people may verify this for their own
comfort and to minimize confusion.

Here's what I see.
$ sha256sum xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.*

The announcement should now be correct.  The checksums in the
announcement should match.

Thanks to those who alerted me and my apologizes for the confusion,

On 12/14/2012 05:21 AM, Somchai Smythe wrote:
> Are you sure about the checksums?
> For xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.bz2 I get
> b6c91f5156a5463443f0ca95e53eba145eeb431f09908253359934960b303a3f
> For xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.gz I get
> a10d2a3589485582dfdf5b0ad3292a7844aec7542d7272ccef0e2b91159a73d6
> On 12/14/12, Matt Dew <marcoz at osource.org> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Matt Dew (1):
>>         No changes from (rc2)
>> git tag: xorg-server-1.13.1
>> http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.bz2
>> MD5:  a13d8876e3e804189392119638a07a1f  xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.bz2
>> SHA1: 634b14f38b0208b2c5714955eb40c59d2a99fd84  xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.bz2
>> SHA256: c93540e2799df4655c6f1b67dc7d8d6db96df4f08ef1702fffbc5df843a43d00
>>    xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.bz2
>> http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.gz
>> MD5:  f51bbb2a6244132db552cb25fee90bf1  xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.gz
>> SHA1: 37afab1dead48e88630e943b5cbf21a5a8eba005  xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.gz
>> SHA256: b11961aeb379d92e2bba9fa35f8c3ad740be0dde56635ea4ed562e602456f463
>>    xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.gz
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>> XZQj5Fqwz1Zw/GVs4Aq4o/kJ7/l78+p6PNbvHM8q+jHw1hpdP+f8tWxayeq25/uy
>> mtR7v64lumu1i84e1Q40btAmbhOwHxA3spjDlZGVpXemCGR/eCcFJUyCNBiUvyeQ
>> wFBXFJqTgoVxEgiAaeSc39kDh2OJDd65U5a3l3+R+TwVZ3m6AHZcUYwZeRqk4rnf
>> K5V10U5M8J4JL7ykRF04UpxBDFHvrGOI+A9ksDRNd7wIJAlBMssG1gh0eR/CPmMW
>> HkvFhwzSgQroaLX7dK9TL4tzC0Ny8w7m56j3ov1OtgeuBppUi4MEUJliU26fSRI=
>> =4y1g
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On 12/14/2012 06:40 AM, Juergen Daubert wrote:
> Hello,
> just noticed that the new tarballs for xorg-server 1.13.1 have different
> checksums than listed in your announcement [1].
> For example, I get
> $:> md5sum xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.*
> b0e7e5bac5795a1cc47b6a125f8d1e3b  xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.bz2
> 78cd410e7730f251e5e5de2e9d087a70  xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.gz
> instead of
> MD5:  a13d8876e3e804189392119638a07a1f  xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.bz2
> MD5:  f51bbb2a6244132db552cb25fee90bf1  xorg-server-1.13.1.tar.gz
> thanks and best regards
> Juergen
> [1] http://lists.x.org/archives/xorg/2012-December/055177.html

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