XPutImage stops returning to caller

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Sat Oct 15 10:54:32 PDT 2011

Am 15.10.2011 06:30, schrieb Phil Hart:
> My application calls XPutImage. The target window displays as expected.
> However, after some thousands of successful calls, the next call to
> XPutImage does not return. A stack trace mentions a mutex.
> The calling parameters do not change, nor indeed the pixels being passed
> in. The number of calls seems fairly stable on any given computer, but
> changes with between computers.
> Any ideas what might be happening? (For what it is worth, the
> application worked flawlessly for millions of calls using a 32-bit
> version of Ubuntu.)
> Any help with getting my application to link to libX11-6-dbg would also
> be appreciated. (OS: Ubuntu 10.04.3, IDE: Code::Blocks 8.04)

x11perf also supports XPutImage (see man page). Perhaps you can try
to replicate that effect.


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