[ANNOUNCE] libXcm-0.4.2

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Thu Aug 18 02:40:24 PDT 2011

This is a maintainance release of libXcm, the X11 Colour Management 

Changes Overview:
* add JSON output
* packaging fixes

The library communicates X colour regions between server and clients, 
which is described in the included net-color spec.
EDID data can be fetched through i2c communication.
EDID data can be parsed for identification and access to colorimetric 
calibration data.
libXcm helps in observing known X11 colour management events.

Known applications using libXcm:
The library is used by CompIcc a compiz plugin for full screen colour 
correction in hardware. libXcm allows the plugin to support 
multi monitor and multiple regions per window. The Oyranos Colour 
Management System uses the EDID parser. qcmsevents applet observes and 
displays colour management events in a nice GUI. Xcm contains three
command line tools for EDID fetching, EDID parsing and event observing.

Kai-Uwe Behrmann (11):
         * [core]: use only JSON array in xcmedid
         * [core]: skip the numbered JSON device level in xcmedid
         * [build]: default to bz2 compression for RPM
         * [build]: remove unused macros in RPM spec file
         * [core]: merge EDID week and year to EDID_date
         * [core]: fall back for EDID_model to model_id
         * [docu]: update XcmEdidParse man page
         * [core]: add AUO and LEN manufacturers
         * [core]: add XcmEdidPrintOpenIccJSON() API
         * [core]: exclude DDC from __FreeBSD__
         * [conf]: bump version

git:      git://www.oyranos.org/git/color
git sha1: ee9c2db3f13f8fb86467a4dd06512bc2cbd3c02e
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/oyranos/files/libXcm/libXcm-0.4.x/libXcm-0.4.2.tar.gz/download
md5sum:   cf1ad865a5fb0e91fee805ea13c8ea7e  libXcm-0.4.2.tar.gz
sha1sum:  bafc322c10a867cd6e59493b09bca869de294f57  libXcm-0.4.2.tar.gz

Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management 
www.behrmann.name + www.oyranos.org

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