How to set Background Image on X

walter harms wharms at
Wed Aug 3 04:47:10 PDT 2011

Am 03.08.2011 13:20, schrieb vishnu jagadish:
> Hi All,
> We successfully ported Angstrom on Devkit8000 with Kernel
> Linux-2.6.37-rc2-ge53beac. After booting up we have a white background in
> X-screen. I want to set a background image for the X-screen. Is it
> possible??
> I tried with feh ( a fast and light Imlib2-based image viewer). I compiled
> and put feh-1.14.2 and imlib2-1.4.4. feh is having background setting
> option. But when running feh it throwing error as shown below. Please help
> me resolve this issue. Thanks in Advance.
> *# feh --bg-scale photos/photo0056.jpg
> *
> *feh WARNING: photos/photo0056.jpg - No Imlib2 loader for that file format
> feh ERROR: Couldn't load image in order to set bg*
> *

did you try xsetroot or xpmroot or xv ?


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