dead keys not working at all?

Troy Korjuslommi tjk at
Tue Aug 2 11:47:25 PDT 2011

It seems like you got things working. 

You might want to try setting XIM as your input method when
testing. It used to be the only one which worked properly when changing
compose files, probably still is. 

By the way, xev makes calls to xlib's functions for reading input, which
in turn use the installed IM. So xev does get its input from the IM. The
problems I have seen are with other environments such as gtk and kde
which are written on top of xlib. 


On Wed, 2011-07-27 at 10:34 +0900, Adrien "Pied" Piérard wrote:
> Hello,
> > AP> Why would `xev` load it, but not other apps?
> > Probably some difference in how they call libX11.
> Or maybe `xev` is completely insensitive to input methods, which would
> make sense, since it's not its job at all.
> > Although I installed ibus on one box, I never used it.  On the rare
> > occasions I had any need for a complex IM I used Emacs' internal IM....
> Well, I need an IM to write in Japanese, and emacs is not an option for me.
> I switched back to scim, which is older, but at least seems to compose
> well with dead keys.
> > Tracing and/or running everything with gdb attached are probably the
> > best ways to track down that bug.
> > Comparing traces between the working and non-working boxen should help.
> > And try ltrace(1), too.  Seeing the library calls might be more
> > informative that just the system calls.
> I'll try if I have time, but I don't think that debugging an IM is my
> most important task to do now, especially as scim works; but I'll keep
> that in mind for the future.
> It might interest quite a lot of people according to
> :)
> Cheers,
> P!
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