Broken brightness/gamma in SDL

Michel Dänzer michel at
Thu Mar 25 07:56:18 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-03-25 at 14:10 +0100, Sven Arvidsson wrote: 
> Apparently Xorg 7.5 broke the brightness/gamma function[1] used in SDL,
> leaving a lot of games too dark or too bright.
> Can somebody who's familiar with this give the SDL devs a hand?
> 1.

Assuming 'Xorg 7.5' means xserver 1.6.x, I think this should be fixed in
the current xserver 1.7.x releases.

For SDL, the best solution would be to set the gamma ramp via the RandR
extension when possible. Otherwise IIRC it needs to watch for a VidMode
extension gamma ramp size of 0 and use XF86VidModeSetGamma() in that

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