GSoC: KMSifying cirrus?

Piotr Gluszenia Slawinski curious at
Tue Mar 23 21:47:02 PDT 2010

> Cirrus cards are kind of obsolete, but I suppose *would* be nice to have one 
> more KMS driver, perhaps a relatively simple one that could be an 
> easy-to-follow model for other KMSification efforts.

they appear very commonly as
1)integrated in laptops
2)integrated in 'server' motherboards

lot of such hardware finds it's second home ,
and personally i run old dual cpu, 512M 'server'
which i've got for price of just shippng,
with exactly such 'card' integrated .

i also own few 'old' laptops (486) with one.
mind you 486 laptop can consume as low as 1W of power,
and one can usually get dozen of them in price of one
'modern' which can hardly get below 5W...

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