multiple video card error

Andrew Clayton andrew at
Sat Mar 20 07:10:12 PDT 2010

On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 09:54:01 +0800 (CST), truename wrote:

> First I type the command "lspci -nv" and find the four video cards in
> pci address 03:01.0, 03:02.0, 03:03.0 and 03:04.0.
>     In "sys/bus/pci/devices/", there are four directories
> "0000:03:01.0\", "0000:03:02.0\", "0000:03:03.0\", "0000:03:04.0\".
> And there is a file named rom in each of the four directories.
>     In Xserver's log file, I find that information about video bios
> of the four video cards are as follows.
>     Primary V_BIOS segment is: 0xc000   (the primary card)
>     Cannot read V_BIOS (3) Input/output error (the other cards)
>     Then I tracked into source code of XServer and libpciaccess. In
> function xf86ExtendedInitInt10 in hw\xfree86\int10\generic.c,
> function pci_device_read_rom is called. Function pci_device_read_rom
> calls function pci_device_linux_sysfs_read_rom in libpciaccess
> -0.10.6\src\linux_sysfs.c. In function
> pci_device_linux_sysfs_read_rom, it read file "0000:03:0x.0\rom".
> This is where the error occurs. An error returns when reading
> "0000:03:02.0\rom" or "0000:03:03.0\rom" or "0000:03:04.0\rom". I
> wonder why it failed when reading "0000:03:02.0\rom" or
> "0000:03:03.0\rom" or "0000:03:04.0\rom" while it succedded when
> reading "0000:03:01.0\rom"? I believe each video bios is needed to be
> called to initialise each video card. But video bios of the 2nd, 3rd
> and 4th video card haven't been called successfully. Any comments on
> this question would be appreciated. Harry

You probably need a xserver <= 1.4 or >= 1.7 (and maybe a 2.6.32+


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