X windows won't produce any displays on my Dell Latitude E6500

courten at web.de courten at web.de
Fri Mar 12 15:17:19 PST 2010

I'm a long time lfs user who recently compiled CLFS, and was working
through cblfs.

Most of the advice I got on how to configure my kernel, video card,
etc. came from the Gentoo instructions for my hardware, which can be
found here


When I actually got everything working, and tried to run X windows,
everything was going seemingly smoothly, but I got a blank screen.
It wasn't hard locked and I could ctrl+alt+f1 and kill xorg, but it
was still dissappointing.

I did some homework and believe the problem is related to kernel
modesetting. I have modesetting enabled by default for the i915 driver
in the kernel.

My pastebin is here

It might be a conflict with framebuffer settings

could  you post either your lilo.conf or men.lst/grub.conf(Grub)
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