Sun ultra 40 m2 nvidia server won't start

Laurel Sillerud laurel at
Mon Jun 21 16:44:15 PDT 2010


     This is my last resort before I throw my Sun U40 M2 out the 
window.  I have been working on reinstalling Solaris 10 05/08
and now face the daunting task of getting the X server to work.  I have 
used nvidia-xconfig, and many other tools ( I have 30 years of unix 
experience) to try to get this beast back up and running after a fresh 
install of S10.  The only way I can get it to start is to not build and 
xorg.conf file.  Then, the machine boots into 1024x768 mode and will not 
budge higher.  I have a 24" monitor (Sun 24.1 LCD) that would really 
like to run at a higher res, but I can't find an xorg.conf file that 
will run on this box.  The system came with the monitor, and I got it 
working years ago at 1920x1200 just fine.  Now, no luck.  The major 
issue is that the nvidia driver will not start the card.  Of course, I 
have all the log files proving that it won't.  Any chance of getting a 
running xorg.conf that I could just plug in?


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