follow-up: geode driver on GX2: no VGA signal (Lippert Literunner2 board)

Peter Apian-Bennewitz apian at
Mon Jun 21 09:56:01 PDT 2010

Dear folks again,

Lippert support had been kind enough to reply fast (emails off list), 
here's the summary what they wrote:

a) support for the GX2 via geode driver with Xserver version1.7.7, as 
shipped with Debian 'squeeze', seems broken. No signal at VGA, no signal 
at LVDS (Lippert support cross-checked this)

b) it used to run with the 'nsc' driver, which will not be shipped with 
Debian 'squeeze' any more. According to the Xorg website, 'nsc' is 
deprecated and its features are / will-be taken over by 'geode' driver

Now, the LX is supposedly faster/nicer, but, IMHO, it would be sort of 
Good Thing to get the geode running on the GX2, whose support may 
otherwise be drifting away in newer Xserver releases. If someone feels 
it'll be worth filing a bug report, I'm more than happy to support that 
with testing, should someone closer to the GX/GX2/LX inner workings take 
the helm. Other folks with GX2 may be interested in this too - ?

any comments welcome
> Dear folks,
> Using the geode driver 2.11.8 (server version1.7.7) on a Geode GX2 
> (Lippert Literunner2 PC104 board), there's stubbornly no VGA signal 
> following xinit.
> Please find attached the Xorg.0.log . Since this topic seems a rather 
> special subject, the details (X config, kernel config, xrandr -q) are 
> put on .
> Maybe I'm overlooking something obvious. Maybe there's some detail on 
> the config specific to this board. FAQs seem uneventful, Lippert 
> webpages seem to suggest it's working, but the board hit EOL in 2009. 
> Glancing at xf86-video-geode-2.11.8 source didn't trigger much more 
> ideas (although pGeode->useVGA seems 'on'). If someone has a working 
> config on the Literunner2, or knows of some BIOS / kernel parameter to 
> be set for this board, TIA1e6 .
> thanks
> Peter

 pab-opto, Freiburg, Germany,
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