Dual keyboards no longer work properly in latest X

Stephan Raue mailinglists at openelec.tv
Mon Sep 28 14:51:08 PDT 2009

Am 28.09.2009 23:16, schrieb David Wake:
> Whoops -- meant to send this to the entire list:
> It looks as though I need to upgrade X to 1.7 -- thanks guys.
> Given that I'm currently on Fedora 11, and Fedora 12 isn't released
> yet, is there any way I can upgrade X to 1.7 without screwing up all
> my package dependencies?  Do I have any choice other than to change my
> OS distribution?  It looks as if even Fedora 12 may still be on 1.6.
Fedora 12 would be with 1.7, you can build a live cd with the recent 
rawhide ressources, test it and if it works for you you can install it

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