How X works / lightest Window Manager

Lucas Mocellin lucasmocellin at
Mon Sep 28 07:04:21 PDT 2009

Hi folks,

I have to create a customized Ubuntu LiveCD with X, that show a GUI designed
with GTK + Python and Firefox, just it. I need the lightest manner of doing

I don't know how X works exactly, so I would like any advice of
links/tutorials/manuals of "how X works" or how could I get the maximum
performance booting a LiveCD like that with the maximum range of hardware (
I don't know if the modules are just related do kernel or also with X,
again, I don't know how X manage modules, select the proper device modules,
and so on..).

I tried to find out something about, but I didn't get something actual, even
the there isn't such manuals.

Any help is welcome.

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