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Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Sep 28 04:29:05 PDT 2009

The third and final release candidate for the X.Org X Server 1.7 is now
available. Expect the final server release within a week, pending the state
of the blocker bugs.

The 1.7 branch is frozen, the only commits to go in before the release are
fixes for build errors or blocker bug fixes. Everything else will have to
wait for 1.7.1. If you find a build error or severe crash, report it now,
I'll likely cut the final on Friday or the weekend.

As with the previous RC we have fixes in a number of subsystems. 
A couple of small but important Xdmx fixes went in, briging it into a good
state. Most notably however are the patches to fix up XQuartz.

"For the first time in years, we actually have a usable XQuartz server built
from an authoritative X.Org release." - Jeremy Huddleston, XQuartz

Blocker bug list:
19470:  any X11 client can crash Xvfb
        [patch by airlied on xorg-devel]
23286: Memory leak caused by 100x100 glyphs
        [patch on master]
23298: Xserver crash when running x11perf -shmputxy10 test case
        [patch attached, waiting for comment]
23645: Crash uploading multiple glyphs
24011: Excessive enter/leave events
24094: CTRL-ALT-F1 doesn't switch to VT1 (provides garbage input to terminal instead)
24144: "Xephyr -parent window-id -screen XxY" fails entirely [patch on xorg-devel]
24187: Negative root window coordinates

For the ones with patches, please help with the review. For the others, feel
free to tackle them.

As usual, the shortlog:

Ben Byer (1):
      Add (ok, fix) support for DTrace under OS X

Jeremy Huddleston (14):
      XQuartz: GLX capabilities: Allow 16bit accumulation buffers
      XQuartz: Use internal xshm header for new xextproto
      Xi: CopyKeyClass is not static for XQuartz
      XQuartz: Nuke duplicate locks that make painful headaches
      XQuartz: Fix a brain-o array indexing problem
      XQuartz: Add pressure/tilt property labels
      XQuartz: Stop checking version numbers of the bundle because CFBundleGetVersionNumber is gimpish
      XQuartz: Transition from xEvent based mieq to InternalEvent
      XQuartz: Force a keymap resync on the first keypress to workaround XKB mucking with our keymap.
      XQuartz: Fix inverse map from mode_switch to alt
      XQuartz: Nuke TSM
      XQuartz: Fix a bunch of compilation warnings about style
      XQuartz: Fix QuartzSetCursor to match the expected prototype.
      Rootless: Correct border rendering on parent-relative windows

Kevin E Martin (2):
      dmx: reshuffle linker order to avoid errors when MITSHM is undefined.
      dmx: undefine MITSHM, move undefs to miinitext.c.

Michel Dänzer (4):
      EXA: Fix some issues pointed out by clang.
      render: Don't add b8g8r8x8 format for depth 24.
      EXA: Extend mixed pixmaps scheme to allow driver PrepareAccess hook to fail.
      EXA: Fix mixed pixmaps crash with missing / failing UploadToScreen hook.

Peter Hutterer (10):
      configure: fix up tslib check once again.
      Xi: fix length calculation for ValuatorState in QueryDeviceState reply.
      dix: plug memory leak in DeviceEnterLeaveEvents.
      kdrive: plug two memory leaks when freeing the KdKeyboard/Pointer.
      Require libXext >=
      configure: Unify all library defines that require a specific version.
      Xi: update axisVals with the right subpixel data.
      dmx: core events are always in screen coordinates when passed to GPE.
      Revert "alpha: kill xf86SlowBCopyToBus and xf86SlowBCopyFromBus"
      xserver (xserver 1.7 RC3)

Samuel Thibault (1):
      xfree86: Hurd fix

Simon Thum (1):
      dix: move bounds check before access

Thomas Jaeger (1):
      dix: report XI1 axis values correctly if first_valuator != 0

Tilman Sauerbeck (1):
      configure: make XNEST default to auto.

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5: 3a2f20ebbeeae5c13f7a78df314b1164  xorg-server-
SHA1: 92fc6702e3e30313b7a6e568bb1e24ee281e0b5e  xorg-server-

MD5: 6a36f3b99d8afe8de8018f3a7b9710c9  xorg-server-
SHA1: ca1379d80affbc22c6b07d4fcd0d694f2f48090a  xorg-server-
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