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Ethan Anderson ethana2 at
Wed Sep 16 23:50:35 PDT 2009

Right now I use left alt as space and space as shift (and caps as backspace
and ' as ctrl and the rest is mostly colemak.. )
Anyways, since the people who design computer keyboards seem incapable of
designing them for two thumbs, my next computer was going to be a Japanese
MacBook Pro.
The space bar on said notebook is 3 keys long, allowing comfortable, regular
use of the keys beside it.  The problem is that this particular machine
costs like $1700.
The only alternative I can see is adding space key functionality to my
shiftbar, but this would require the following behavior:

shiftbar press : some variable in the keyboard stack changed, no signal sent
shiftbar release: space key press+release signals sent, variable cleared

shiftbar press: same thing with the variable
other key (combo) press+release: shift press signal sent immediately, then
other signals sent as appropriate

This feature would save me like $500 and allow me to consider getting
another ubuntu dell, or an uber, system76, or zareason system this time, or
at least a refurbished or used mac instead of a new one.

How much would it cost to have this functionality implemented?
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