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Tue Sep 15 03:38:51 PDT 2009

Hello all,

We are undergraduate students.We are trying to configure X server for MPX
support as a part of our undergraduate project. We are configuring the X
server but  while configuring libX11 package error as "No package 'xproto'
found "

So we configured xproto with following command :

*sudo ./ --prefix=/opt/gfx-test/
and set the path for PKG_CONFIG_PATH  and aclocal path as

*export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/gfx-test/lib/pkgconfig"
*export aclocal

We checked the directory contents in the /opt/gfx-test/lib/pkgconfig
and it is showing the file xproto.pc

we also checked the version of xproto by command :

*pkg-config --modversion xproto
so it is showing

But still the xproto error is persisting.

1) In that script initially all the required packages were cloned into
respective folder.

2) After that
While doing that we faced a problem while configuring libX11. Initially we
configured libX11 as per following procedure:


Sneha Runwal
Pratik Munot
Amey Moghe
Mrunal Nargunde
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