Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at
Mon Sep 14 05:16:34 PDT 2009

> According to Nvidia's driver readme guide, they support rotation with 
> Xrandr.
> "The driver supports rotation with the extension when 'Option 
> "RandRRotation"' is enabled in the X config file."
> Perhaps, they do not support all of the abilities of the new Xrandr... 
> such as virtual screen size or spanning multiple displays.
> At this point, my goal (tomorrow) will be to set all 3 screens on 
> separate X screens and apply the rotation through Xrandr. Allowing for 3 
> separate desktops that are compositable. I think that's as close as the 
> current code will allow me to get.

FWIW you only need xrandr to do on-the-fly rotation changes.  I have two
monitors set up as two X11 screens on a single nVidia GPU, one is normal and
the other is rotated 90 degrees to portrait mode, and I don't use xrandr.  I
run compiz-fusion 3D accelerated on both screens.  I can't recall whether this
is compatible with TwinView/Xinerama to create a combined desktop though.

All I had to do was add this to xorg.conf:

Section "Screen"
  Option "Rotate" "left"

I have disabled "DynamicTwinView" in the "Device" section though, which I
think disables xrandr.  I think it may have been required for this to work,
but I can't remember for certain now.

Good luck!


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