Daniel techknow at
Sun Sep 13 17:23:26 PDT 2009

>> I have 3 monitors (two side monitors being rotated 90 degrees), two
>> Nvidia GPUs... and so far the only way to get them functioning is
>> through xinerama. I'd like to get away from xinerama as it doesn't seem
>> to allow for 3D...
> This does not seem correct to me.  I am using the nvidia driver and xinerama
> with two screen (single GPU) and 3D works great.  I use this setup all the
> time to run FlightGear for example.  Or by 3D are you referring to composting
> for your desktop?  If the later then you are right it does not work with
> xinerama.
You are correct, I didn't mean 3D - I meant compositing...
> The nvidia driver does not support xrandr 1.2 even though this has been on
> nvidia's to do list for at least three years.  But even if they did it would
> only solve this problem for those that have a single GPU and two monitors.
According to Nvidia's driver readme guide, they support rotation with 
"The driver supports rotation with the extension when 'Option 
"RandRRotation"' is enabled in the X config file."
Perhaps, they do not support all of the abilities of the new Xrandr... 
such as virtual screen size or spanning multiple displays.

At this point, my goal (tomorrow) will be to set all 3 screens on 
separate X screens and apply the rotation through Xrandr. Allowing for 3 
separate desktops that are compositable. I think that's as close as the 
current code will allow me to get.

And for future reference... multiple GPUs are a real pain.
Thanks for the help

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