[ANNOUNCE] xf86-input-void 1.3.0

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Sep 10 18:43:20 PDT 2009

Only cleanups, packaging fixes and API adjustments, since this driver
doesn't actually do anything (but it does it twice as fast now).

New requirement: util-macros 1.3.0

Peter Hutterer (11):
      Adjust for ABI_XINPUT_VERSION >= 7
      Remove obsolete chunk, focus/key class is added by InitKeyboardDeviceStruct.
      Replace changelog command with CHANGELOG_CMD from m4 macros.
      Remove long-obsolete chunks from configure.ac.
      void doesn't require randrproto or inputproto.
      Remove RCS tags, some useless comments, empty AUTHORS from man.
      man: void is only necessary for server < 1.4
      Remove some unused variables from configure.
      Don't pass an empty RMLVO to InitKeyboardDeviceStruct.
      Require xorg-macros 1.3 and XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS.
      void 1.3.0

git tag: xf86-input-void-1.3.0

MD5: 53bdac9ca56418f4675810ed8a78b3e8  xf86-input-void-1.3.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 2b2d284c4cc356f2ff6fc8e448e61bbea2e4ff30  xf86-input-void-1.3.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 15065eebb2fe23d1e8dd05590c40d83f  xf86-input-void-1.3.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 5d8238150395d310e8f3925e6bc28c5ea11f608a  xf86-input-void-1.3.0.tar.gz
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