dual screen setup

Leszek Koltunski leszek at koltunski.pl
Fri Oct 9 01:54:47 PDT 2009

I use a dual screen setup and the Gnome DE. My problem is that if I operate
on the 2nd screen, *some* ( not all! ) of
windows which are supposed to appear on it appear on the 1st ( primary )
screen instead.

For example, if being on the secondary screen I click on gnome-mixer, the
volume slider pops up in the primary screen,
but - "preferences" dialog of the very same gnome-mixer correctly appear in
the screen it was launched on!

The question: who's to blame?

1) you guys? :)
2) Gnome?
3) my distribution (Debian testing) for failing to correctly synchronize DE
packages with X packages ? ( maybe one has to recompile GTK+ each time some
X component change?)


PS I am not alone here:

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